Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well... lots of things are happening here in Brazil! I had a baptism last week. And this next week we have 3 more planned. The week after already 2! The Lord is truly blessing us. But last night at 10 I got a call from Pres. and now I'm in a new area! This transfer tons of American Elders are arriving with visa's and 18 more Brazilians are coming in the end of April. So the mission is going to start growing like crazy! I'm really excited.
On Monday we left with a member and went and taught 2 investigators. We finally marked a date with one that was having trouble deciding and we finally firmed his date; Leandro. He was a sweet story for when I get back home. After that last lesson he was dropping us off at our other appt. and we started going down this narrow road with cars on both sides. As we near the halfway point there's an opening of cars. And out of nowhere this kid on a bike pops out of nowhere! Of course he doesn't stop in time and we smash him! It was kinda a let down because he didn't even slide across the hood. Of course my comp starts freaking out. But we just popped him pretty good. Of course its Brazil and we just get out and look at his leg. Nothing broken and not much damage. So we just drive away. Ha. But it was great. I'm kinda excited for this new place, but I'm not 100% positive if I'm going to stay... My comp is an American now from Cali/Utah ish. Hes a cool guy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time really is flying. I feel like I've had no time the past few days. My mind has just been racing and adjusting to this pace. I had to spend some time on my knees praying just so I could get things focused. With which I'm still achieving. I'm loving serving with my comp right now. Reminds me a ton of Cody Granillo.. ha Remember him from elementary school? He has kinda the same personality. Its been good though. We're getting things done here and starting to have more and more success. I can feel the Spirit with more frequency in my work. It's so amazing how it works. It's works with the small and simple things after we've done all the others. Today, we've already taught 2 lessons for our investigators. We had 3 planned but one wasn't home. It feels so crazy. I'm loving working here. Not the easiest area but there's always the little tender mercies that keep your eyes off the ground. We're getting into more houses and being accepted alot easier. We just left a really sweet lesson, a single mom. Has a 2 year old son and we barely found her today; first time since Sunday. She's got a date for Sunday but a little weak on it. But today I feel like it turned completely around.
There's going to be alot more changes in my mission coming up and I'm pretty excited. But I'm a little anxious. Its so great to see constant changes being made by the Lord. It appears that once I arrive at one stage the other one is already being revealed without me seeing it coming. I love this work! I know everything's going great back home and things are going right. I hope you guys are having some fun. Has anyone sent a package lately?
I would love some snickers and choco bars and such... but no rushes...

I love you!
-Elder Grant