Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 28

Ah man i miss that kid!(Parker) I received your package today! Symphony bars! ohhh yeh! thanks! Also tell Sis. Berret thanks and the young women for that package I got. I got a few letters today, and one was from Terri.
This week was prob one of my most favorite and most dissapointing.
So a few days have passed and all is going well with my frustrations. I'm calming down a bit and just relaxing realizing time is going to fly by whether i enjoy myself or not, so I'm changing my lookout on things. But it's been interesting because that night I had trouble sleeping, I was thinking alot. Because the family seemed really familiar to me. They seemed so close, although we only met just once. But it seemed just like normal and usually it is tough teaching people, well sometimes, but for them it wasn't. It was really easy for me to just look them in the eye and tell them what I knew. In this area it was the 1st time i really felt the Spirit, as I took control of the situation. The Spirit just worked through me and told me what to say, and of course I tried following as best I could. It feels like I've known them before and so i was just comfortable with them. But of course you know the situation so it's kid of stressing me out because of what happened. It's tough but I am 100% sure that it is in the Lord's hands. I pray almost every night about them. But only time will tell.

Yesterday kinda of lightened me up a little bit. We were knocking some doors and found a kid thats nineteen. He accepted a date and he's pretty legit. But he loves his earrings. haha. Come to find out, he plays basketball. Which is like finding, idk...a car without a/c in AZ. Turns out he looks just like Amare Stoudamire too! Which is nuts. Huge nose and everything. And he plays the same position. It was sweet to talk to him about ball and stuff like that. So I'm def. looking forward to going back tonight. I can't wait. I might need you to send me a Suns jersey here in a couple weeks haha.
Well! I hope everyone’s doing alot better at home! with the Parker situation and everything. And i hope all of you are receiving tons of blessings as I am out. I know the Lord is guiding me and I see His hands almost everyday showing the path.
Love ya guys and thanks for the packages!
-Elder Grant

July 21

This was my first week in my new area. Its called Santa Lucia. Its dirty rich. In the center of the city. But we only work on one part. Which is a huge hill of house upon house upon house upon house. Theres busses that just go up and down taking people. And get this. Its only a Quarter! But everything else is expensive. We have a frew McDonalds, a Couple Subways and Pizza Huts and Dominos. Oh man Makes me super homesick haha. Ive had a milkshake from Mcd's the past 2 days. they are soooo goood. Much better then in the States.
The place we work is crazy. The roads are just like hallways. and last night i almost took out a guy on a bike. Theres always music blasting and occasionally you'll get a motorcycle driving through there. But its good. My comp just turned senior this transfer and its....well.... a learning experience. For both of us. Its been tough for me. ha I think we fought everyday except yesterday. Hes Brazilian. and just a senior. so yeh I'm still Junior. which yeh... is lame. But i know why I'm in this situation now and It helps me stay happy knowing that.
I've seen a Ferrari, a few Porsches, and BMW's are just normal around here. Its a beautiful area. But really hard to baptize rich people. This week I'm playing in Sacrament the few hymns that i know. I'm a bit nervous because my fingers havent hit the keys in a few months. Here in the center a lot of people speak English. Which is kidna good but not. But its funny because I walk into shops and ask people questions in English. and sometimes they understand me! and the others they just give me a blank face then i switch then their eyes get bigger. When we are walking on the road and stuff my comp's mouth is like a motor. I dunno where he gets the gas but it just keeps going. He talks lazy portuguese so i just nod my head and say uhuh. Amazingly it works 90% of the time.
well I'm doing good! learning alot still amazingly at a fast rate. which is good.
I pray for you guys everynight and morning. I hope that all of you are receiving blessings from the open windows in heaven!
well Love ya mom Hope your doing great back in Az with all the grankids broken legs and smelly babies!
Love, your son,
Elder Grant

July 14

Well hello!
I saw the pics of the babe. Ha already looking pretty good and hes like a week old! That's crazy that Nate and Aaron are gone. I remember hearing about their calls. So long ago. but so short. ha Aaron is in Brazil snap! That's funny you went as us to the open house. ha oh moms and pops. I hit 6 months yesterday. Seems like forever but seems like so soon. It's weird how time works here. I got transferred to my new area here in the center. called Santa Luzia. Its a really nice area. Like rich... BMWs and all. It feels like I'm just in Phoenix with all the sky scrapers around me. except for one dirt poor area that is just a ginormous hill of poor houses.
I was kinda sad to leave me last area. We had some sweet people ready to baptize this Sunday. And i didn't wanna leave the comfort of getting used to the place. Two boys who had 20 and 22 years were so awesome. A few nights before we met them we were making contacts on a road. I felt impressed by the Holy Ghost to talk to this one man. He didn't really wanna stop and talk and kinda kept walking slowly away. Then as all Brazilians do, end up just having their own conversation out of nowhere. Then he proceeded to continue walking and I said "Hey, Where do you live" out of nowhere. And yes he told me where he lived and everything. The next day we went there and he wasn't home. But we found Leonardo 20, and Junior, 22, who were firm in their churches. But they understood everything we taught and now this Sunday they're getting baptized. Oh man they were just like members, Leonardo was asking when I become an Elder, can i be Elder Leonardo? ha of course we said yes. Ah man Then last night our last family that we were helping get married and baptized we talked with. They have 2 boys 6 and 10. The oldest, Anderson, was supposed to be baptized last Sunday but that's another story. so hes getting baptized this Sunday, but i wont be here. I thought he was gonna choose me to do it, but I had to leave. So as i was leaving he just ran up and gave me a hug. It was so tough. You guys have no idea. I didn't wanna go! ha but i know that its because I'm supposed to be here.
Well,,, I hope everyone's doing absolutely fantastic back home. I miss everyone.
Love ya,
-Elder Grant

July 7

Ha finally he came! That's good Shars doing better. Tell Shar Heather and G-ma i said happy Birthday and especially a happy BIRTHday for Shar. This week was good, i got to go to a Zone leader conference yesterday again so that was good. transfers are already next week. Its crazy soon. I don't think either of us here will be moved though. But who knows? This place has been good But I wanna do more here. The language is getting alot better. Its getting easier to talk to people normally instead of having a mess in my head. But i dunno, ha its always been hard for me to start talking to people, but when i start its hard to stop me. I think I fit right in with the Brazilians in the hard to stop part. But I don't think I'll have that problem with talking to people with Portugese here So that's one less thing to worry about.
Next week will be 6 months! How crazy is that. It's hard to think about all that has happened in the past few months ha already a fourth done with my mish. yikes. Whats weirder is that its getting a little bit faster each week.

well here are some pics. baptism and... soccer field. ohhh how i wish i could play.
Love ya hope everyone's doing well with everything and shar and tanner are excited to have a kid! ha!
-Elder Grant

June 30th

Oh Mom...
This week was pretty good! Here are some pictures of the baptism we had. We finally got the mom to come back to church and hopefully we're gonna be able to baptize another one of her kids and a friend of theirs wants to also. This week we have 3 planned but only 1 or 2 are 100% One is a girl whose 19. Shes pretty much a member already before we met were. Living all the commandments and everything. Just pretty much popped up out of nowhere. Got a letter from Cedar today. He tells me he's a senior already and he's freaking out. I'm so glad im still a junior and learning all the ropes still instead of grabbing in the dark. Here in Florença is a nice place to do the work. Lots of people are being prepared. We´re changing up how we do things here and are just working on looking at one day at a time. So far it's been doing pretty well for us.
We were able to teach 2 lessons during the game this week. One was to a boy whose 19. He literally has nothing. His house is smaller then my room at home and his bed is the ground and that's about it. No door and lives right next to a brook so its freezing at night. He's got so many problems but were trying to help out of the ditch he's in. You can see the doubt and troubles and how much he lacks in hope just in his eyes. But he's got a smile that could make anyone appreciate what they have. Just lights up the day. Ha its hard Not to smile after you see it. Oh boy its good to be to here in Brazil.
Were being blessed so much even through our difficulties. My difficulties are becoming less and less as I'm becoming more accustamed with the language and teaching and everything. The Lord really is preparing the way even when you can't see.
I hope you all are being blessed abundantly back home. The whole fam! Mom I hope your doing awesome and great having the summer off and having another grandkid on the way! ahhh yeeeaahhh! I hope dad stays bishop til i get back. And thats interesting. B Bluth ward clerk ha nice...
Well I'm doing good!
Love ya Mom hope everyones doing good back home!
-Elder Grant