Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opa! sorry today's email has to be short. Im in the mission office doing email cause we had to do something with my comps visa. but this weeks been good. we found some ppl. one is a 14 year old girl Laurisa. she had a lot of ?'s about life and the next and what happens. shes very smart for her age. her parents aren't any religion but very... religious. no denomination i mean. her mom keeps peeping in and out of each lesson. i think they both will come to church and be baptized. vai ser bom! we also found a middle aged lady Solenge. shes a teacher. it was nuts. she has a Ph.D. and shes way smart. every question she had for us we were able to answer. i sooo hope she will be baptized. shes very firm in what she believes and very curious. shes read the bible multiple times and is very interested in who we are the BOM and our Church. i love it because she can understand me sometimes and when im confused she knows so shell stop and explain her ?'s to me. its like i have a tutor. haha but not really. shes way cool. way crazy. haha well pday is like close to being over and we have to go take a bus to our area so i gotta jet,. but guess what is coming up! MOTHERS DAY! yayaya. i cant wait to call home. i dont know any info yet on it but next week i shall know. its good. i got your package today too. whats this with a already opened bag of jelly beans??? but thanks much. im so glad i got more shirts and a pedometer. its gonna help much. my shirts are starting to turn colors. yikes. oh wells. i saw a Ferrari this week btw. it was nuts. i had to stop and think what just happened for like 5min. chic de mais.

welp gotta bounce! i pray for the fam and you and dad cada noite. answers come! i know!
well love you all and miss ya tons! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

heyo! transfers happened today. I’m still in the same area but i got a new comp! his name is Elder Lundin. he’s from Mesa! Nuts huh? he went to Desert Ridge i think. he lives over by Crimson and Baseline i think. its pretty cool were from the same place. its cool i got another American comp. but kinda not. one day I’m gonna get a Brazilian and have to speak Port all the time. yikes. Its coming though i know. but for now oh well. he’s been out a year and 6. that’s nuts. i only have 3 months ish. Transfers are tough. its weird not having the same person your used to working with. now i have to get used to another one. ahh.. changes changes! it'll be good though. i know a lot more then i did 6 weeks ago so its good. this week we had the baptism of Ohana and Iasmin. 14 and 12. wow. it was awesome. it all started conference weekend. me and Elder Brown were trying hard because we wanted to go to conference. so we were looking for an investigator to take. we ended up finding one. then our original ride fell through because he had no gas. then we went to another member and he said take my car... tempting ha but he told the other member to drive it but he wouldn’t. so we were feeling down and like why cant we go to conference? ahhh.. and all the time i was like... well if there is a reason were not going to conference there must be a good reason. and i was like we need to find someone today. so we went back to work and then our member who works with us was like well I’m bouncing and so he left. all the while it was pouring rain off and on and we didn’t have umbrellas. so yeh. lame. then we decided to just knock some doors....
1st door this lady let us in. so were like sweet. but whatever... she accepted and we kept teaching her. the next day her daughter was there. and she took notes on everything she read in the BOM and we talked a lot about it. then we taught them about the word of wisdom. they drink coffee everyday. the next day the daughter was about to drink but she decided not to. awesome i know? then the next few days we taught the law of chastity and all the lessons. the 2 daughters ended up coming to church. and the one Ohana decided she should prob but more modest clothes so she did. Then she decided maybe I need to take our my extra piercings.. and she did! guess what is sitting on my desk at home! one of them! snap! it was so cool to see them progress. so on Sunday we had their baptism. it was so awesome to get to know them. this week were trying to get the mom and her friend to come to church and be baptized the following week. i hope hope hope they come. ahh but Ohana. she’s so elect! she wants to just do the right! her younger sister Iasmin has a tough time with piercings though. but shell change. but it was sweet. This week we have 4 planned but they’re sketchy. one guy Maxwell . awesome guy. gente boa. got a problem with cigarros. but he wants to be baptized. ahh i sooo hope he does out of all them. i love him the most. Well anyways. That’s whats been happening with me. got a new comp. kinda sketched out just because its alot of new stuff. Really nervous and anxious. Seems like i can’t escape that ha. cant wait for my package! Well i guess im out.. till next week eh?
love ya fam love ya mom. hope your all doing well and going good.

-Elder Grant

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

im improving little by little. except for me being a little sick last night and today its been alright. starting to get chilly here. totally unexpected. the work is going good. really tough though but im starting to be satisfied with what im starting to do. before i was always depressed and sad and didn't really wanna keep going through the language struggles and the feelings of being bound down. but the Lord is helping much. i have been praying for help and for gifts of the spirit to aid me during my long but short time here. i can see how some of my experiences prior to the mish have worked up for experiences i will have here. still tough. i've found out one thing about me so far on the mish. i stay committed and consistent. lotsa times i've just wanted to stop. and stay where im at. quit working with the language, or learning how to teach and love these people..but i just keep going. with goals you like to see the end result and compare with the beginning, and along the way compare progress. right now its difficult to see the progress i have made. but each day i try to wake up and commit myself to increasing each day; so the next day i can tell myself, yesterday i couldn't do this, say this, etc. one thing i learned to is that we should write down the blessings we received that day. and eventually they will add up. i did that and its way interesting to see what the Lord blesses us with.
each day i pray for gifts and blessings. and also to see who the Lord wants me to be and what He wants me to accomplish here. wow its a good feeling to be able to see some of those things.
ahh! i cant wait til i can be comfortable! im easing in though. its good. transfers are next wed. ooh boy. im hoping and praying for an awesome companion. i wanna do some good things. im reading this book about faith. im trying to apply it in my life. in the scriptures we learn alot about faith and how it can affect lives of thousands. how the faith of many can have affects. but also how the faith of one and the lack of another can detract and keep blessings from coming. boy it is so true. thanks for the scrip´s you sent me. its true if ever we say if, or doubt, faith is gone. that principal has been made manifest plenty of times already.
yesterday i went with my comp to the Counsel of Zone Leaders. it was nuts. a Seventy came and talked and so did President Parella. im so anxious to do lots of good here. im so anxious to change peoples lives. we are promised alot if we are faithful and worthy. i wanna do so much here! ahhh! my head hurts thinking about it. im motivated to learn quicker just because of that.
last week Bernardo was finally baptized. it was good stuff. he was huge. and i got to baptize him! on...yup! April 10º!
also this week we have another one planned. maybe 2. her name is Ohana. shes elect. last night we finally got her to take out her extra piercings. everyone here has them and her sister has a problem with them too. but last night she took one of them out and tonight shes getting the other one removed! it was so coool. she gave one of them to me. it was amazing to see her faith. she loves to drink coffee. that's like a 2nd staple to beans and rice. and earlier this week she had a huge cup of warm coffee. but she decided she didn't want to drink it anymore. we were like whhhatt! yes! it was awesome... straight up. her baptism is Sunday so its gonna be awesome.i cant wait.
ill send pics. speaking of pics can you send some of the fam and vball pics that i have and random ones! the brazilians want to see other pics then me and cedar and girls haha....
mom. i miss your food.
can you send me some recipes for like cookies and food? any would be nice.
well i love ya mom so much and the fam. keep me in your prayers and you guys will be in mine.
um braço e beixo pra voce e tudo mundo!
Elder Grant

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm so jealous (we went to conference). we ended up seeing only one hour of conference. i understood almost nothing haha. we have to bring investigators if we wanted to go to conference and we only had one able. then i payed the last of my money to get there ha. so since sat i have been broke. and we don't get money til the 10. yikes. well see ha. oh by the way. the 10th is a pretty big day huh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! LOVE YA. hope its all good and well and you get to have all the kids there with ya. thanks for getting that package off. i cant wait to get something from someone! Ive only gotten 2 letters so far and i lost one! but oh well. this week we had interviews with president. truly an inspired man. hes the lieutenant type of president. just so you can have an idea. my interview was interesting. talked about some different stuff. he pulled out a book from his bag and shared with me some personal things from conference he didn't share with anyone else. wow. that's all i can say. this week has been good though. kinda fast kinda slow when i struggle. but we have 2 scheduled baptisms for sat and Sunday. last weeks fell through..... but this week will be good. we found more people to teach. this family of 3 girls. mom and 2 daughters. one of the daughters takes notes on what she reads. they all are so intelligent! they remember lots about what they learn. i love them so much. i find it easier to teach them. they're date to be baptized is the Sunday before transfers. i soooo hope they all are baptized together. they would be such a strength to the branch here. ahhh i hope and pray! today we should be getting our fridge back. we finally got it fixed. so now we can have suco and stuff instead of buying food every day and wasting money. im so happy! by the end of next transfer ill have the language down better. im reading a book that talks about the power of faith and how we can use the powers of heaven to aid is in our everyday life. its a great book. especially for a missionary. i so wish i could have heard Hollands talk and the Prophets! ahh! well im glad grandpa sent me a note haha. and i hope everyone's doing good back home and all! p.s. can you send me everyone's addresses in the fam. and emails. por favor. and hows jon doing? and his fam?
my comps name is Taylor Brown from Draper. well thanks for your emails momma. i love getting emails. and talking to the fam. tell the fam i love em!
happy birthday mom. love ya much.
-Elder Grant