Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Sunday, April 25, 2010

heyo! transfers happened today. I’m still in the same area but i got a new comp! his name is Elder Lundin. he’s from Mesa! Nuts huh? he went to Desert Ridge i think. he lives over by Crimson and Baseline i think. its pretty cool were from the same place. its cool i got another American comp. but kinda not. one day I’m gonna get a Brazilian and have to speak Port all the time. yikes. Its coming though i know. but for now oh well. he’s been out a year and 6. that’s nuts. i only have 3 months ish. Transfers are tough. its weird not having the same person your used to working with. now i have to get used to another one. ahh.. changes changes! it'll be good though. i know a lot more then i did 6 weeks ago so its good. this week we had the baptism of Ohana and Iasmin. 14 and 12. wow. it was awesome. it all started conference weekend. me and Elder Brown were trying hard because we wanted to go to conference. so we were looking for an investigator to take. we ended up finding one. then our original ride fell through because he had no gas. then we went to another member and he said take my car... tempting ha but he told the other member to drive it but he wouldn’t. so we were feeling down and like why cant we go to conference? ahhh.. and all the time i was like... well if there is a reason were not going to conference there must be a good reason. and i was like we need to find someone today. so we went back to work and then our member who works with us was like well I’m bouncing and so he left. all the while it was pouring rain off and on and we didn’t have umbrellas. so yeh. lame. then we decided to just knock some doors....
1st door this lady let us in. so were like sweet. but whatever... she accepted and we kept teaching her. the next day her daughter was there. and she took notes on everything she read in the BOM and we talked a lot about it. then we taught them about the word of wisdom. they drink coffee everyday. the next day the daughter was about to drink but she decided not to. awesome i know? then the next few days we taught the law of chastity and all the lessons. the 2 daughters ended up coming to church. and the one Ohana decided she should prob but more modest clothes so she did. Then she decided maybe I need to take our my extra piercings.. and she did! guess what is sitting on my desk at home! one of them! snap! it was so cool to see them progress. so on Sunday we had their baptism. it was so awesome to get to know them. this week were trying to get the mom and her friend to come to church and be baptized the following week. i hope hope hope they come. ahh but Ohana. she’s so elect! she wants to just do the right! her younger sister Iasmin has a tough time with piercings though. but shell change. but it was sweet. This week we have 4 planned but they’re sketchy. one guy Maxwell . awesome guy. gente boa. got a problem with cigarros. but he wants to be baptized. ahh i sooo hope he does out of all them. i love him the most. Well anyways. That’s whats been happening with me. got a new comp. kinda sketched out just because its alot of new stuff. Really nervous and anxious. Seems like i can’t escape that ha. cant wait for my package! Well i guess im out.. till next week eh?
love ya fam love ya mom. hope your all doing well and going good.

-Elder Grant

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