Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

im improving little by little. except for me being a little sick last night and today its been alright. starting to get chilly here. totally unexpected. the work is going good. really tough though but im starting to be satisfied with what im starting to do. before i was always depressed and sad and didn't really wanna keep going through the language struggles and the feelings of being bound down. but the Lord is helping much. i have been praying for help and for gifts of the spirit to aid me during my long but short time here. i can see how some of my experiences prior to the mish have worked up for experiences i will have here. still tough. i've found out one thing about me so far on the mish. i stay committed and consistent. lotsa times i've just wanted to stop. and stay where im at. quit working with the language, or learning how to teach and love these people..but i just keep going. with goals you like to see the end result and compare with the beginning, and along the way compare progress. right now its difficult to see the progress i have made. but each day i try to wake up and commit myself to increasing each day; so the next day i can tell myself, yesterday i couldn't do this, say this, etc. one thing i learned to is that we should write down the blessings we received that day. and eventually they will add up. i did that and its way interesting to see what the Lord blesses us with.
each day i pray for gifts and blessings. and also to see who the Lord wants me to be and what He wants me to accomplish here. wow its a good feeling to be able to see some of those things.
ahh! i cant wait til i can be comfortable! im easing in though. its good. transfers are next wed. ooh boy. im hoping and praying for an awesome companion. i wanna do some good things. im reading this book about faith. im trying to apply it in my life. in the scriptures we learn alot about faith and how it can affect lives of thousands. how the faith of many can have affects. but also how the faith of one and the lack of another can detract and keep blessings from coming. boy it is so true. thanks for the scrip´s you sent me. its true if ever we say if, or doubt, faith is gone. that principal has been made manifest plenty of times already.
yesterday i went with my comp to the Counsel of Zone Leaders. it was nuts. a Seventy came and talked and so did President Parella. im so anxious to do lots of good here. im so anxious to change peoples lives. we are promised alot if we are faithful and worthy. i wanna do so much here! ahhh! my head hurts thinking about it. im motivated to learn quicker just because of that.
last week Bernardo was finally baptized. it was good stuff. he was huge. and i got to baptize him! on...yup! April 10º!
also this week we have another one planned. maybe 2. her name is Ohana. shes elect. last night we finally got her to take out her extra piercings. everyone here has them and her sister has a problem with them too. but last night she took one of them out and tonight shes getting the other one removed! it was so coool. she gave one of them to me. it was amazing to see her faith. she loves to drink coffee. that's like a 2nd staple to beans and rice. and earlier this week she had a huge cup of warm coffee. but she decided she didn't want to drink it anymore. we were like whhhatt! yes! it was awesome... straight up. her baptism is Sunday so its gonna be awesome.i cant wait.
ill send pics. speaking of pics can you send some of the fam and vball pics that i have and random ones! the brazilians want to see other pics then me and cedar and girls haha....
mom. i miss your food.
can you send me some recipes for like cookies and food? any would be nice.
well i love ya mom so much and the fam. keep me in your prayers and you guys will be in mine.
um braço e beixo pra voce e tudo mundo!
Elder Grant

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