Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Thursday, July 29, 2010

June 30th

Oh Mom...
This week was pretty good! Here are some pictures of the baptism we had. We finally got the mom to come back to church and hopefully we're gonna be able to baptize another one of her kids and a friend of theirs wants to also. This week we have 3 planned but only 1 or 2 are 100% One is a girl whose 19. Shes pretty much a member already before we met were. Living all the commandments and everything. Just pretty much popped up out of nowhere. Got a letter from Cedar today. He tells me he's a senior already and he's freaking out. I'm so glad im still a junior and learning all the ropes still instead of grabbing in the dark. Here in Florença is a nice place to do the work. Lots of people are being prepared. We´re changing up how we do things here and are just working on looking at one day at a time. So far it's been doing pretty well for us.
We were able to teach 2 lessons during the game this week. One was to a boy whose 19. He literally has nothing. His house is smaller then my room at home and his bed is the ground and that's about it. No door and lives right next to a brook so its freezing at night. He's got so many problems but were trying to help out of the ditch he's in. You can see the doubt and troubles and how much he lacks in hope just in his eyes. But he's got a smile that could make anyone appreciate what they have. Just lights up the day. Ha its hard Not to smile after you see it. Oh boy its good to be to here in Brazil.
Were being blessed so much even through our difficulties. My difficulties are becoming less and less as I'm becoming more accustamed with the language and teaching and everything. The Lord really is preparing the way even when you can't see.
I hope you all are being blessed abundantly back home. The whole fam! Mom I hope your doing awesome and great having the summer off and having another grandkid on the way! ahhh yeeeaahhh! I hope dad stays bishop til i get back. And thats interesting. B Bluth ward clerk ha nice...
Well I'm doing good!
Love ya Mom hope everyones doing good back home!
-Elder Grant

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