Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hyello peoples!
This week went by pretty quick. Lots of good stuff happened. Besides our broken toilet and us being sick from it!
On Sunday we sent a member to go get a family we are helping reactivate and baptize one of the kids. Ends up the bus that we take never showed up. And so we were late for church because it had to come back and get us, then the investigators already went back home. So we put our stuff in the church. Turned around and walked an hour or so back to our area using the highway. Ha at our church its backwards. We have Sacrament Meeting last. Which is sooo awesome. So we finally got to her house and she was way surprised that we walked all the way back to come get her and her family. But as the situation was, she sent her daughter, who is going to be baptized this week, to go get food. And so she couldn't leave. So she said wait here and if se returns we'll go. 20 min later we decided to leave because her daughter wasn't showing up. We started walking down back to church and 5 seconds after we left the house, we ran into her daughter! oh yeh. so we hurried up, found the bus stop and payed for the family. We arrived right after the opening prayer and announcements took forever so they got to come to sacrament meeting. What timing! Ends up as the story goes, she was baptized 2-3 years ago, by 2 Elders from Arizona. Weird I know. Coincidence? I think not. But hasn't gone to church since 3 months after her baptism. So 2 ish years of inactivity and yeh. She said we were the first elders to get her to come back to church after years of teaching her family. oh yeh. it was awesome. You could see it in her eyes the changes that were happening in her family as we kept stopping by to help and finally got them to church. Awesome.This week is her daughters baptism and its gonna be sweet!
Also we had zone conference yesterday. Its always good. After every one we all just wanna go get to work. But once we get on the bus were just like dead. Ha its pretty annoying cause it happens every time. The 1ยบ part was on the Atonement. It was way good. I was able to understand a little more about the role of the Savior and the need of His Perfect Atonement, and what the Atonement means for all of us. Was way sweet.
Well I hope everyone's doing good back home! I'm doing pretty good here!
Could you send me some stuff to makes s'mores Mom? The past few weeks I've been really craving some.
I hope everyone's doing good back home and you're all being blessed!
Your son who IS serving in Brazil,
-Elder Grant

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  1. love reading about Ryan. I copy and send each post to Cedar. He LOVES it!