Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 9
It's Freeeeezing! at times... it gets pretty cold here in my new area. A lot more then my old one. The first few days were terrible. I'm not gonna lie. I was freaking out. You know how all Arizonans get when they don't have the usual sun during the day. I was getting way depressed and sad. I was praying for sun. I won't lie. And it finally came to my luck? If that's how you say it. But it's good. Love the sun during the day. Shivering under the blankets at night.
We're having a good time here. It's really nice being a Junior to an LZ. I do pretty much.....nothing. No I can't sit in on the interviews but we travel about a half hour to the next bairro. I pretty much know how they run though. It´s not to hard to imagine. This area is really different from my last. 2nd areas are always tough i hear. But it's good. The bishop is literally crazy. He´s got one of those looks that stares ya deep to the soul. But he eats and breathes missionary work. So that's good. The members are bomb diggety too. Referencias like crazy. My last areas we got like 2. This we already will have like 10 in one week. Talk about jackpot!
Yesterday as Conselho(council of zone leaders) de LZ´s. I get to go to every one because i´m always with an LZ. Yesterday´s was a really good training. I liked it a lot. Lots of good things are going to be happening here in MG. Especially with me. I'm learning so much from my comp. I have to speak the language 24/7 which yes is extremely annoying but the last week i improved i could tell. My English is getting rougher to speak. tougher too. My comp can speak phrases. But i think he knows more. Because he's reading this email right now!
My area is dirt poor. Both my feet were just dirt. Socks filled everything. Just blessings here pretty much. Trials like crazy but só bêncãos sabe?
por favor me mandar uma toothbrush!
Well i hope everyone's doing great. Blessings are flowing in. Until next week!
Love ya moms and pops,
-Elder Grant

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