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Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello everyone!
Last week was a little rough. 4 hours in a bus from the center back home. I was in the center renewing my visa. Had some mistakes on it. Suddenly I was born on the 7th and in Cochise City. But got that figured all out. Then we took a long ride back home. Construction on the highways. 2 lanes doesn't quite cut it here. This week has been pretty well. Me and my comp are working and searching people out. The Lord is providing. We found this girl Adriely about Thurs of last week. She accepted a date for the 29th and we took her and her cousin to church. It has been going pretty well until about last night. Her cousin, who has a "formed opinion" decided to come sit in on a lesson. And of course The restoration comes and things start getting out of hand. Luckily things didn't go too far but it kinda threw our baptism off track for this week. Tonight we have a branch activity we're taking both of them too and I might pass by there to teach her today, without her cousin. It's so frustrating how the enemy uses his ways to impede. But other than that things are going well.
The month is ending. It's hard to believe that I have so much time in the field. The transfer is the 2nd week of June. Not going to lie, I'm hoping to be transferred already. I'm starting my 2-3rd time around the neighborhood. I know the baker, the internet family, the people at both grocery stores. It's a great place! Seems like you have friends everywhere. But no investigators at times. But the Lord has provided before and I'm sure he'll provide again.
These past few days have been a little rough. I've been a little sick. Its starting to get really cold here. And being that were in the outskirts of city, the farms and such, its more easier to catch a cold. I had a runny nose and soar throatish. And it was pretty rough sleeping these past few days. But I'm starting to get better.
This next transfer I have 3 comps going home. Its so nuts. Time flies by pretty quick. I hope everything's going good back home! Everyone's healthy and such. I hope J and Jamie have a girl. That would be good. Talk to ya next week!
Elder Grant

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