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January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010
Well hello! A second each day? Now that explains it....
This past week was pretty good. Found a family. oh man love em. I’ll talk about them later. We had interviews with president on Monday. It was really good. He's a really different man. He is settling down in his calling just like you said and he's changing things up little by little. He's really inspired. My interview was really interesting just like last time. This past Zone conference Elder Tobias of the Seventy came. He talked about sanctification and Boldness. As we purify ourselves in our calling here and speak and act with boldness the work will progress he promised. Its interesting because you can see the missionaries who really have the characteristics and those who don't. You have to be sanctified to be bold. Being bold is something really hard to do if your not pure. Just like when you sin its hard to go about things normal. This past week I've been trying to be more urgent with the work. Its been really good. There's nothing like promising blessing and helping people see the truth. The language is coming too. I find it really hard for me to study the language. But i still get better so much. I'm trying more things during the day because i know if i am comfortable I’m not progressing ha so its good.
This family we found this week is so awesome. Its a mom a daughter and 2 son. I love the sons. We were looking for an old investigator and we talked to them on the road. There 12 and 14. They were playing with Pokemon and Yugioh cards. It reminded me of myself like 5 years ago haha. they were like surprised when I told them how many i had haha. We taught them the 1st lesson all together, the whole family. The mom has a troubled life. Like almost everyone drugs/cigarettes and alcohol are part of here life. Its so sad because these kids are so awesome. The whole family accepted a date. And this week we have to get them to church so they can be baptized before transfers. We’ve gone there every night but the mom is difficult to find. I pray and hope so much that tonight we can find them! I barely know them but i love them sooo much. Those kids are so sweet.
I got a letter from Cedar this week. He’s in a dirt poor area. It’s a lot like here but my area has only some houses like his. He’s doing really well it seems like with the language and all. He's right on the beach too haha. lucky duck.
Well I hope everything is going awesome back home. Jason is lucky. Its my dream to live in Cali by the beach after I get home! ah! lucky. Jon is going to get a solid job soon. I know he will. Hope dads doing great too. and Heather! Mom love ya much miss ya too.
-Elder Grant

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