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January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's been a wild week. Starting from today and working backward, We went to a house to buy some milk today. The man told us that he milked the cow so we got it straight from the utter. So we were hoping to go and milk it this morning. Of course they already pulled the milk out so we couldn't get to milk it. But it's some pretty good milk! ha... I was pretty sick yesterday running around with a runny nose and something like allergies.. I`m not sure. I never thought I had allergies but I think its because I`m out on the outskirts of town. Dirt, dust, trash, and the good smells of life! I got to go to both Sunday sessions this conference. I loved it. I`m so grateful for it! I loved the talks that were given and it was a great to receive answers to prayers. I also had a baptism this week even though I had 4 days in the area.
In my last area I`m pretty sure the 3 people I left were baptized to so I`m excited. I`m starting to see my talents with talking to people and teaching and applying doctrine expound. Especially the 2 last weeks in my last area. Me and my comp were marking baptism dates daily. It was pretty nuts. But here is pretty sweet. Its a pretty small area. And it takes 5 min to get anywhere you want. Expect there's nothing here.. Just dirt. and poor people. everything closes at 6. so a late night snack is out of the question.. ha I love it though. The 17th we have a family were teaching to baptize. A mom and 2 girls. The mom stopped smoking and the girls are so funny. I`m super positive they're going to baptize. We just have to find some more news this week. We don't have anyone firm so far.
Its been raining a bit here and there. Pretty annoying for holy shoes. and my umbrella is pretty dead. I feel like its a newspaper between my dry head and a shower.
I`m super excited for the wedding! It's nuts. I wish I was there! I know it would be so cool to be in a sealing session when someone is actually getting sealed that you know.. and alive. But oh well. It's true we're both in the place where the Lord wants us to be.
I hope everything's going great back home and everyone's healthy! I`m positive that you guys are being blessed!
I love you Mom, I love you Dad.
..and everyone else!

your boy,
-Elder Grant

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