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January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes... Package!
This week has been pretty good. Of course flew by. But lots of good stuff happened. We had a family baptize this week. Mom and 2 girls. And a miracle happened and we found a married couple with 3 kids. Which is like once in a blue moon. Its really weird to me, because when we teach them its like teaching an American family. They do like everything together, and they're so united. It's almost impossible to find that here in Brazil. We're working hard to get them baptized this Sunday but things look like it will take place on the 1st of May.
This week has been full of ups and downs though. We had the baptism in a pool of a member here. It was pretty cool but a little out of control. Then we saw our baptism after, the mom, on a soccer field reading the BoM at twilight. It was so cool. Here younger girls were playing on the field and she was off studying. Its soo awesome to see stuff like that. The family we found, we taught on Saturday. And on Sunday we were late getting people to church, and so we passed by a little after 9. Of course they weren't there. so that was our 2nd family that fell in 5 min to go to church and be baptized. But miraculously, we show up to church, and lo and behold, they're there! They went to church by themselves! Its been too long since I've seen this. So of course it was great. The teenage boys are pretty legit, an elect family for sure.
Its kinda a bummer because this week were finishing knocking the doors in our area. We've ran out of road. So back to the beginning. But the Lord is preparing people that we have yet to talk to. Or maybe someone who already said no to us.. ha
These past few weeks have been really rewarding on my mish. I've learned so many different things. I'm so grateful to the Lord for all the things that I've learned. It is true what Cedar said, you really just learn the 1st year. Then the 2nd you realize how to put it into practice. That's why I think the mish just keeps getting better and better for me. Seeing so many changes happen. I'm starting to learn different things and do more and more things during the day that I didn't used to do. Luckily it isn't to late for me to start. Transfers are next week. This one went by pretty quick. I have a feeling I might be bouncing... I kinda want to because this area is so small! But Its up to the Lord and Pres. so we'll see.
I finally bought an adapter so I can start sending pix again. So have fun with those. I'm glad things are starting to calm down again. It seemed like it was just a roller coaster back home for a while. Good to hear again that more souls are being added to the Grant family. They both will be girls, I think.
Love you all, and keep up the good cheer!
Its Easter Week! Resurrection! Yay!

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