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January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is officially getting hot here too.. oh wait it never got cold. its weird. already my 3rd P-day. its seemed forever away but now its already here ha. time is going by but still seems really slow at times. each day is a frustration. every morning i hate waking up because i know what the day for me holds. lots of frustration and headaches for sure. the language is getting better but not to where where i feel comfortable yet. i think that will take another month or 3 or 10. i can tell my comp gets frustrated when we teach cause its mostly him all the time. and it bugs me to cause i cant say anything and its so hard to just start talking when you have no clue whats going on. we've taught some crazy people this week and last. haha oh boy the stories i will have. there are some interesting people here. but its all good. this week we have a baptism. both of ours fell through last week. and maybe next week well have another one or 3. well see. our zone has been suffering alot lately. my comp is the ZL as you know and hes also training me. pretty tough i think. but this week has been going better. its really hard to find the elect here. most people have just been wasting our time lately. letting us in to teach but not accepting. its extremely lame. it happens alot. but I've tried to pay more attention to how people accept and talk to us and i am starting to pick up the people that really need it and the people who are a little further down the confusing road. you guys are so lucky. i would give anything to watch conference. even on TV. we don't get it here. and if we wanna go we have to bring investigators but we don't have any able to go cause its like an hour or 2 bus ride and no one can pay for it. so if you wanna send some ensigns of the talks next month it would be nice! i know dad prob will have plenty of those.
well im doing alright here.. hope you guys are doing well back home. love ya and if you can send me some of the stuff i said lat week gradually would be nice! oh and send me some fam pics! i have none and everyone always wants to see! and candy. oh and at deseret book there's a picture book that's like 5 bucks that has pix of like the 1st vision and stuff i can use while teaching. if you can find it there pleeeeeaaaasssee send it. it helps so much. well anyways.. i love ya mom hope everything's going good back home!

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