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January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 10
Well one week left! I talked to a teacher here who served in Belo. He said it was awesome of course. He also said the mission baptizes weekly...yeh. That's sweet which means they teach that much more. He also said they make the best candy in Brazil. Which I don't know if its a good thong or not. I'm almost out of American candy and I prob won't have any after that. So hopefully I don't get addicted to the candy there. He also said they eat a lot of Mexican type food. Which surprisingly I'm excited about. The food here is the same pretty much everyday. It's so bland. I can't drink guaranna every meal cause it rocks my system. So I've laid off that stuff. But for once I'm kinda hoping they have a lot of Mexican food there. But I'll deal with whatever.
Last Friday we went to the masp to proselyte. It was way cool. There were tons of people. We had 5 BoMs and we had about an hour or more to hand them out and talk to ppl. My comp is one of the more shy type so...I had to kinda take the lead. We met these shoe shiners on a side road by some shops and we talked to them. They were really cool. We talked to them for half hour and I told them they should read this book I had. They were like what book. And of course you know my response. And they were like no way... and I was like ok can you read a chapter for me? And they agreed. So I marked a chapter for both of them and gave them the number if they had interests or questions or such. And I said I'm not gonna give it to you if your not gonna read it and the guy grabbed it and took it. It was funny. so hopefully they read. I shoulda had them shine my shoes too.
It was really tough to talk to ppl when you barely know anything. Although it was way fun. It was really hard to understand them haha. My comp doesn't really know much and he stutters a lot so it is hard to follow. I just told him to be bold and firm and grab their attention. After I said this I walked up to ppl and said hello then stopped talking. ha It was funny. My comps face was like you gotta be kidding me. It was a learning experience for both of us. Only six days left and then my new trainer will probably do that same thing to me. Haha But I'm excited, the MTC here is really tiring me out. I don' think I've learned anything here. Provo was much better surprisingly. I don't have much more to write. I'm doing good here. My district is struggling with a lot of pride these last 2 weeks. It is very, very tough. No one really likes our DL and they don't listen to him. He gave them a challenge and we made goals and no one showed like any interest. It 's really frustrating to me when people say they will do something then don't. It bugs..This all happened before our district meeting and me and my comp were supposed to teach during DM. Our DL told us we didn't til next week but I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to just go ahead and teach, even though we only had like 15 min. to prepare. Once again my comps face turned read after I said we're gonna teach today. The lesson we taught was on having the qualities of being successful as a missionary. There 10 points in PMG. I had each elder write down 2 each to see if they would get any. Out of 10 elders, we barely got 2. The doesn't cut it. Once of the points was to the extent of loving and teaching your companions/other missionaries, like I said our district is, very...."my way or no way" minded. It turned out to be an interesting lesson. After, they said the challenge that our DL gave an hour prior was something they didn't want to do and most were opposed. The challenge was of course being more obedient and working harder and such the last week. which of course none of them opposed to doing but just by our DL saying it gave it a bad taste. Luckily, I was the DL back in Provo and I kinda had heeded and pondered the situation before and during the time we taught. I was again prompted to re-challenge what our branch president and DL said prior and was also prompted to ask them to erase their goals they had and start fresh. (since I've been in the MTC every time we make goals no one keeps them for the most part. It sounds all nice and pretty and an Elder made a paper with all the goals he got ppl to sign it which I thought was ridiculous.) I of course didn't sign it and told them how I don't agree to things I won't do and if I do I will do it. and I encouraged them to do the same. I saw some heads nod. Which was good to see. Then I bore my testimony on how we set goals to improve ourselves and our gifts that we are given. And how those gifts aren't in the least bit for you, but for others and in our case the people we teach....to bless the lives of others like it says in D & C. Afterwords, an elder came up to me and said I loved your lesson so much, you made what we were supposed to do more clearer and things. And I was glad of course...our DL has a problem with explaining things for too long and going on tangents. He talks monotone constantly and he is quite controlling. I'm going to put up with it for another week.
One reason I was glad we taught is because I learned a few things. I love taking the quickest route. I love being precise and not wasting time going from point A to B as fast a possible. The Lords work isn't quick. In fact it's very slow, but constant. It's very hard to humble ourselves and give up our way of doing things. I know that's why I was given a companion who walks behind me and stutters when he speaks and so I have to constantly wait for. I've learned a lot from him. I love that guy. But I'm very prideful and always want things my way which is occasionally fast. He works sssssllllloooooowwwwww...but I'm learning. I pray nightly to have my heart softened toward him. Prayers are answered.
Well, I'm doing great down here a world away. Only a week left! I hope everyone is doing well back home! Love ya.
Elder Grant

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