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Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

oh track and field. ha i miss those days. wow. timeout. the garden got planted. sounds like things are starting to happen in the grant household. ha. its funny. tons of people ask me if im related to President Heber J. ive gotten it like 5 times this week. its so different here. we have a branch in our city with 300 members. 50-70 are active. tops. but i was amazed at how much some of them know. suprisingly everyone is like you're American? and they are like amazed. it works when we make contacts and get people to let us teach them haha. but the members and especially others know so much about the bible and book o mormon and the gospel. and also the profetas. they know more about my ancestor then i do! i think i might have to study up on him.
i was reading in alma this week. started it monday and im in 30. it talks alot about missionary work and oppositions and the trials people have. not only the missionaries but todo mundo. i keep having this weird feeling inside me that reminds me of the miracles that happen in the book of mormon.
me and my companion do most of our work in the favelas. which is pretty much the ghetto. gunshots everyday. theres drugs everywhere and people drink and sleep that's all they do. but as i read in alma it is a perfect example of what is here in Itauna. peoples hearts are set on false things, false profetas, idols and many things. they are bnound by the power of the adversary, and they no nothing of it.
just like in Alma! as we learn the missionaries performed many miracles through great faith. lives were changed and nations were converted. i can see the iniquity that is going on in just this small city. each day i talk to people whose hearts are down troddened, whose spirits are low. i also see the exact opposite. people who will not let go of what they believe when we give them the truth. that is why we mostly work in the favelas. where the people are more humble.
this week might be my irst baptism. we have 2 scheduled but its gonna be tough. lots of hard work will be taking place in the next 3 days.
this week went by kinda quick but not...my comp is Elder Brown i love him to death. he does most of the teaching and most of the work. which sucks. this week was the most quiet ive ever been in my life. ive just sat there and tried to understand what people are saying 100% o the time, its so hard! this week i started teaching a principle or 2 a lesson,. i think ive butchered every one haha.
oh yay.
tell jon i said happy bday. i didnt know it was his bday oopsas...
speaking of jon, guess who my comp reminds me of. yup. my very own brother. i never would have guessed it. its so interesting. he has the same little laughs as jon. he smiles like him and he even looks like him! but he has blonde hair blue eyes. and yes same amount of patience.. haha and i would like to think he and jon teach alot alike. Elder brown is a great teacher. its so awesome to work with him. i think of jon like 50 times aday. it feels like im just walking and talking with my bro everyday. it made me love him and jon so much more and appreciate them both. it brought us closer real quick. i love him.
well im doing alright here. im learning a bit everyday. still really tough but its gotten funner.
miracles are waiting to happen here mom. i can feel it. as i see the state that the world is in it reminds me of the Book of Mormon so much. and how its likened to our time. and it truly is. the people are in need of this message. the Savior is coming soon. the more iniquitous the world gets the more miracles will happen. i can see it here. its a sign! i cant wait to be able to teach these people with and from my heart instead of my mind. im trying to take every advantage i get to learn from my comp. he is a natural leader. i would love to be his comp for a while. (well.... i prob will get bored of him soon haha) but i wish i could teach so much better! we would be so amazing along with the spirit. but nevertheless...
love you, mom. hope everything is doing good back home.
oh and my old teacher at the CTM might send jason some guarana soon. but idunno. anyways...
love ya! bye!
hope ya like the pics!

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  1. Hii Everyone...I'm Raphael, and Elder Grant is serving in my Ward...he's so fanny, I'm happy he is here, he is learning Portuguese very fast!!
    Xo Xo