Elder Ryan James Grant

January 2010 - January 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Baptism in Florenca

Baptism in Florenca

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 3
Well, hello. I'm in Sao Paulo right now. Its my p-day today so we get to leave the MTC. My flight was good. I played battleship for 4 hours. I only lost once. custom was repido. We only were at the airport for about a half hour. The weather is way nice at night. Very coo. We leave the window open sot he breeze comes into our room. Just my kinda room. I love it. OUr dorm looks onto the city. Its beautiful. There's so many ppl and building. Lots of high rises. The people here are really nice. They talk alot. Driving is an adventure everyday. They honk a lot. But just to warn or say thanks. unlike American...it's nice. You should have shar send my package to the mission home. Also, there's another thing called missionties, just like dearedler but for Brazilian mish's, so try using that. Tell Tif to throw it up on the FB. I'. so tempted to buy some clothes and shoes here. I love lots of the shoes that are here. But I am waiting til I leave to get some.
I got put with the same companion again which is a challenge. I was hoping for a Brazilian or at least someone else. I just hate being followed all the time. (He never walks next to Ryan) its like I have luggage that I'm always carrying around.
The food here is............well, beand and rice every mean. and of course guarana. I drink 5 glasses a meal. haha plus we we some other flook like rolls and meat every now and then. Surprisingly it is not too bad.
Our mish absorbed another mission so it's about 1/3 bigger then it was a year ago. It's now the whole state of MG plus more. Plus less missionaries, so luckily I'm for sure going there in 2 weeks. I can't wait. I heard my mish pres was like a drill sergeant, but I heard lotsa ppl loved him, so that's good. Everything's chill here. It's pretty much more like you make what you want out of it. If you do nothing you get nothing. . If you work hard then ya, but we have like no time to study or anything. I don't like it. But we'll see how it goes.
It feels like I've already been here before. I don't know how to speak. ha. That is what I am working on the most right now. On Friday, we go the busiest and biggest part of Sao Paulo to proselyte, Yeh I'm scared. I barely know anything. My comp knows less so...ya. It'll be interesting...
Well, my district is pretty cool. I love the ppl already. I just can't understand any of them, but they will talk if you talk. super nice, tell everyone I said hyello and thanks to Chris for coming to the airport. It was nice to see him before I left. Tell everyone I love em and I'm doing good. I gonna go walk around the city. Boa tarde
Elder Grant

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